Eidan® CBD Olaj 30ml. 1000mg. Full Spectrum


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CBD Olaj 30ml

CBD Oil 30ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 10ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 30ml

CBD RED ® CBD Olaj 10ml

CBD RED ® CBD Olaj 30ml

CBD RED ® CBD Oil 30ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 10ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 30ml

CBD 212 ® CBD Olaj 10ml

CBD 212 ® CBD Oil 10ml

CBD 212 ® CBD Olaj 30ml

CBD 212 ® CBD Oil 30ml

Eidan® CBD Olaj 10ml

CBD Olaj 10ml

CBD Oil 10ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 30ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 30ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 30ml

Oileven ® CBD Olaj 30ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 30ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 30ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 30ml

HENNEP ® CBD Olaj 30ml

  The Eidan ® CBD Oils are grown in BIO certified lands 
using only industrial hemp from the EU variety list
(Futura 75) with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

    The production occur under third-party laboratory conditions.    
All of our products are food supplements, registered
by the Food Department of the Ministry of Agriculture
of the Czech Republic.

The Eidan ® full-spectrum CBD olis does not containt
any flavours, nor mixed with any other ingredients. 
The finished oil has a strong - characteristic smell
and natural, slightly spicy taste.
It has a dark color, and a dense and creamy texture.




General information:
Several studies point to the potential benefits of CBD for anxiety, if the oil's quality is good, and it is pure.
CBD does not cause any feelings of intoxication due to the low amount of THC (0,2%), thus it will not affect your daily tasks.
It can be used to keep your general healt, to relieve the symptoms of diseases, or to reduce the unpleasant side effects of medicines or medical treatments. 
Using the oil has a positive effect on sport performance and working capacity as well, since less stress means greater efficiency.
It has an invigorating effect in small doses, it can reduce fatigue and make you feel more energetic. 
In general, it can reduce inflammation and slightly enhance the effect of painkillers.
Due to its antidepressant effect, it can also be used for panic disorder and sleep disorders. 
The full-spectrum CBD oil can also be used externally due to its acidic components. Due to its regenerating effect, it can cope with a wide range of skin problems.



What makes the CBD oil full-spectrum?
The term „Full-spectrum” stems from the fact that during the extraction the whole plant is used, thus all the known compounds (currently more than 140) will be present in the finished essence, as well as in the CBD oils.
The „Broad-spectrum” CBD contains only  a fraction of the above mentioned compounds.
CBD oils made from „isolate ” only contains the cannabidiol.

The appropriate dosage of CBD varies from person to person. The right dose of CBD for our body does not necessarily affected by age, as with some medications. 
The consumer's weight and the degree of the disease should be taken into account when calculating the dosage.
It is best to start with a low dose of CBD (15-20 mg / day) and then increase the dose slowly until the desired result is achieved.
We need to pay attention to the body and observe if we notice any change. People usually make the mistake of only using CBD for a short time. 
Start your treatment with a small dose of CBD and observe its effects for 2-3 weeks. 

30 ml airless, vacuum bottle.
Due to the airless technology, after closing the sterilized bottle, the oil in it will not be in contact with the outside air, therefore the pathogens and bacteria cannot enter the bottle. It is simple to use it, hygienic, and easy to dose.
The CBD oil leaves the bottle in a liquid form, thus one pump with the bottle will inject a dose of 0,33 ml oil under the tongue. 
Thanks to the vacuum dosing system, you can pump out the last drop as well from the bottle.

Full Spectrum hemp extract 100 mg (CBD 3,3%) enriched with MCT oil.


One pump will provide you one dose (0,33 ml) of CBD oil. 
One dose contains 11 mg CBD.
(That is approximately 6 drops with a regular pipette.)
The 30 ml bottle contains 90 dose of CBD oil. 
Apply it under your tongue, and keep it there for 1 minute
before swallowing it.
The daily dose may change depending on the person
do not take more than 9 dosages a day.
      The product does not contain any known allergen ingredient.       
Store it in a place without sunlight.
Shake well before using!

Expiry date: 18 months from manufacture date.

EAN: 59998614682201
Z.M.O.P. reg. no: 110/1997 OZN 2021/008

Keep away from children!
Dietary supplements cannot replace a balanced diet.
In case of chronic or any other diseases, please consult your doctor
before starting to use the CBD product, to avoid any possible drug interactions!